Featured Project

TOYOTA Camry | Second Genesis

Music Composer : Yasuhiro Nakashima

Client : Toyota
Agency : 日本デザインセンター
Creative Director : 吉田 貴成、佐々木 渉
Producer : 井上 英樹、森田 瑞穂、大和田 真之 
Production : Rotor Studios
Director : Glenn Stewart

Gunkanjima - Google Maps Street View of Battleship Island

Music Composer : Yasuhiro Nakashima

Client : Google
Producer : Hidetaka Ino
Director+Cam+Edit : Yasuhito Tsuge

Lico & Gli

Music Composer : Yasuhiro Nakashima

Client : Ezaki Glico Co.,Ltd.
Production : Tribal Media House, Inc.
Director : Ken Tachibana
Illustrator : BUZZ
Vocal : Chii


About me





Yasuhiro Nakashima

Yasuhiro Nakashima is a Tokyo based music composer who is specialised on Commercial film music, future film music and interactive film music. He is good at composing beautiful, functional and precise music with bring out the taste of original film or act in the film. He also has a great skill of create real musical instrument sound by programming. He plays an active part in the music field with lower cost and prompt action as his weapon.

Gradually, he starts work with foreign countries and he is likely to be seen in world wide soon.




Commercial Works