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Yasuhiro Nakashima

Yasuhiro Nakashima is a composer based in Tokyo, Japan. The game and the modern music gave a great impact on him and he started creating sounds on computers since his teenage. He studied the film composition on his own on job while he attended Osaka university of arts. He is good at oriental and emotional taste. He has composed for many commercials and tv drama series for both domestic and abroad. He is extending his activities to all over the world from Japan.

Featured Projects

Star Wars Roll Out

Music Composer, Sound Producer : Yasuhiro Nakashima

Full Cast & Crew(IMDb)


TOYOTA Camry | Second Genesis

Music Composer,Music Producer : Yasuhiro Nakashima

Creative Director : 吉田 貴成、佐々木 渉
Producer : 井上 英樹、森田 瑞穂、大和田 真之 
Production : Rotor Studios
Director : Glenn Stewart
Agency : 日本デザインセンター
Client : TOYOTA


Sound Intelligence

Music Composer,Music Producer : Yasuhiro Nakashima

Client : Yamaha / Fujitsu
Production : Wasa-be
Director : Yasuhito Tsuge
Strings : Pitre Strings
Recording Engineer : Yoichiro Kano
Sound Designer : Erito Ayaki



Scoring Composer, Orchestra Arranger Music Producer : Yasuhiro Nakashima

Director, Cam, Editor: Yasuhito Tsuge
Cam: Masato Indo
Producer: Hidetaka Ino
Music Producer, Scoring Engineer, Re-Recording Mixer: Kenji Nakai





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